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Information for Juniors

Programs for Juniors


Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test

Most students take the PSAT/NMSQT at their high school in 9th, 10th and 11th grade.  It is great practice for taking the SAT.  It can qualify students for scholarship programs.  After taking the PSAT students get a free tailored practice program for the SAT.  The fee for taking the PSAT for juniors at CGWA is $20.  Juniors from low-income families may be able to get a fee waiver from the College Board.  

 Students normally take the PSAT in October of the current school year.  When scores arrive, scholars will get a total score and feedback on their strengths and weaknesses.  Students can go to to learn more about what their scores mean. 

Governor's Scholars Program

The Governor’s Scholars Program is a summer residential program for outstanding high school students in Kentucky who are rising seniors. The Program originated in 1983 as a result of Kentucky leaders’ concern that the state’s “best and brightest” were leaving the Commonwealth to pursue educational and career opportunities elsewhere without fully understanding the potential of their talents at home. Students who are selected attend the Program without charge. In the spirit of partnership, the Office of the Governor, the Kentucky State Legislature, and private enterprise come together to provide the financial support for the Program.

The Program’s mission is to enhance Kentucky’s next generation of civic and economic leaders. The first class numbered 230 and was housed on one college campus. Since then, the Program has enjoyed excellent support and grown to over 1,000 students on three campuses. 

Governor's School for Entrepreneurs

Have you ever dreamed of starting a company and wondered what it takes and where to start? GSE will help you answer this question. In the 3 weeks at GSE you'll be exposed to experienced entrepreneurs, startup tools, funding, pitch competitions, emerging technologies, and scholarships. It is 100% free to apply and attend; all Kentucky 9th, 10th, and 11th grades are eligible to apply. 

Leadership Lexington Program

Leadership Lexington is a leadership development program sponsored by Commerce Lexington and directed toward individuals who demonstrate leadership qualities. The program gives participants the opportunity to better understand our city and to prepare for the challenges it faces by meeting with and learning from today’s leaders. Leadership Lexington is an educational opportunity that broadens perspectives and allows participants to gain increased understanding of community dynamics and public issues. The makeup of each year’s class is intended to reflect the ethnic and cultural diversity of our city. Applicants are rising juniors.  They apply during the sophomore year and are selected to attend their Junior year. 

Youth Salute

In order to be eligible for this recognition, students must:

  • Be a high school junior
  • Have at least a cumulative 3.0 GPA through the sophomore year
  • Have held or currently hold TWO LEADERSHIP ROLES to which they were chosen by their peers or an adult leader within the past two years

Students must participate in each of the following activities:

  • Completion of the Application Form, Leadership Essay and personal Biography
  • Orientation at Holifield Photography for information about the program
  • Be photographed by Holifield Photography for community and school displays
  • Attendance at the Leadership Seminar & Awards Ceremony 

An exciting leadership workshop will be held in the spring in cooperation with several central Kentucky colleges to allow students to interact with other youth leaders.  


Path to preparing for college

  • Start your personalized college plan.
  • Talk with your school counselor about your college plans and financial aid.
  • Take the ACT, PSAT, and SAT.  Consider a prep course.
  • Review and search colleges on and begin planning college visits
  • Decide if you should take AP exams in May.
  • Research summer enrichment and honors programs. 
  • Set up an email account with a professional address.  
  • Attend a financial aid night to learn about available resources.
  • Check your KEES award.
  • Review KHEAA's Getting In publication.
  • Sign up for AP or Dual Credit courses for senior year
  • Develop a resume'.
  • Line up and apply for a summer job, internship or co-op.  Consider volunteerring in your field of interest.
  • Complete Getting the Facts at  

Keep your grades up! Your junior year GPA is critical for college admission.  

Remember, in Kentucky, you cannot get your learner's permit or driver's license if you don't pass four courses each semester, if you have more than nine unexcused absences, or if you drop out of school.  If you already have your permit or license, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet will take it away.